Ultimate101 is a guide to learning ultimate frisbee



your guide to learning ultimate


-Extremely detailed tutorials for all skill levels


-Quizzes cover every page of the USA Ultimate Rulebook


-Gear guides, practice equipment, and more

Practice Support

-Send in YouTube videos to receive coaching

Everything you need to start getting better at ultimate frisbee today!

A Player's Guide to Learning Ultimate

My name is Emily Cohen and I am the creator of Ultimate101

Ultimate101 is a guide to help players improve in ultimate frisbee. With the use of extremely detailed tutorials, quizzes that cover every page of the USA Ultimate rulebook, one-of-a-kind resources, and Practice Support for those that still need help, if you are an ultimate player this is the site for you.

My tutorials make learning ultimate simple and are formatted in a very specific order to help you gain the proper skill, before going on to harder concepts. This way when you get to the harder skills you are ready and learning is fun, instead of spending endless hours practicing trying to figure out what to do.

If you’re already skilled great, check out the advanced videos and start from there. My guide gives a player at any skill level something to work on and shows the progressions of how to get your game to the next level. No more excuses. Start learning ultimate now!

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