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The entire rulebook put into question format!

Ultimate is a unique sport in that it is self officiated at most levels. It requires all players to know the rules as well as an official referee.

However referees are required to pass tests before they can take the field, but in ultimate there is no standard to judge whether you know the rules or not. As a result, players end up skimming over the rules and get burned during games hurting themselves and the team.

I have created a series of quizzes that cover the entire rulebook. You can take them as many times as you want. Take them until you score 100%. There is now no need to read through the boring rulebook hoping you understand the rules.

Instead enjoy fun quizzes that give you a clear indication of whether you know the rules or not. Now you can take rulebook quizzes and get a score instantly. The results will tell you how many questions you answered correct and point out the questions you got wrong.

There are 2 series of ultimate frisbee quizzes. The first series covers every page of the rulebook and puts it into question format. Getting more than 75% correct is a very solid score. The second series focuses just on the essentials for those in a hurry. This series is great if you struggle with general rules. It should be noted that USA Ultimate is not associated with any of these quizzes in any way. They are all self-made.

USA Ultimate rules 11th edition

Rules Course: Cover to Cover
(Questions from every page of the USA Ultimate handbook)

Rules Course: Essentials
(All kinds of topics including real game scenarios)