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Ultimate Frisbee Practice Support

Send in your YouTube videos for support!

*I am not accepting Practice Supports at this time.

Practice support is where you send in a video of an ultimate frisbee throw or skill you are struggling with to receive additional help. Do NOT send in a support if you have only tried the move a few times. Practice support is for players that have practiced for many hours but still can not get it.

In order to be responded to all of the guidelines below must be followed. I can not guarantee I will get to everyone, but if you follow these guidelines and have a clear video of your issue you are much more likely to be responded to. Allow up to 4 weeks for your video to be posted to the Ultimate101 channel.

Video Guidelines

Make sure that your video contains the following *

In order for your video to be considered please make sure that it contains all of the elements below. If you have questions email: contactultimate101@gmail.com

1. Show multiple attempts of you trying to do the move

2. Show/say the direction of the wind if there is wind

3. Upload it to YouTube and make it public

What You Get When You Submit A Practice Support

A video will be made with your footage that will be shown publicly on the Ultimate101 Channel. This video will highlight your mistake areas and give you tips on how to improve in the future. Click here for an example video.