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How to Throw a Backhand

Ultimate frisbee backhand tutorial

How to throw a backhand in ultimate frisbee. Tutorial explains the backhand frisbee throw and breaks the motion down in a ton of detail. If this video helped you SHARE it so others can be helped as well.
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If you’ve ever thrown a frisbee you’ve probably thrown one of these before, even if you never knew what it was called. This throw is called a backhand and for most people it is the first throw they learn. The majority of people find the backhand to be easier than the forehand because they find the grip and motion to be more natural. If your just starting welcome, ultimate is an amazing and fun sport and you should definitely give it a try.

When gripping any object the strongest part of your grip is in your fingertips. So when we grip a frisbee we want the disc to be in our fingertips.

At full speed a backhand looks like your only doing 1 motion, but it’s actually 3 distinct motions just being executing very quickly. Your elbow points to the target, you flick to extension, and then you follow through.

The farther we step out the less chance we have of getting hand or foot blocked. When you step out you need to also make sure you are throwing the disc away from your body. The whole idea is to get the disc as far away form the mark as possible. If you throw it close to your body you didn’t actually gain any distance and can still get blocked.

The most common mistake for the backhand is pulling the disc. Your body always needs to face the target no matter what footwork you are using. We’re not just turning our hands over.

If you still have questions or if this video helped you learn the backhand for the first time definitely let me know in the comment section below.