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The Best Ultimate Frisbee Discs

What frisbee should you buy?

What are Official Discs?
In order to use a disc in a game, it needs to be a model that is approved by USA Ultimate.
The links below are affiliate links and gear that I recommend.


Discraft Ultra-Star 175g
-Most popular disc for competitive play
-Can be used at all levels
-Comfortable rim and great for forehands
-Large selection of colors and desgins

Innova Pulsar
-Approved for general level of play (can't be used at championship level)
-More stable than the Ultra-Star
-Cheaper than the Ultra-Star
-Visually appealing logo

Discraft J-Star
-Approved disc for youth level
-Smaller and lighter than the Ultra-Star (9.5 inch diameter/145 grams)
-Same rim design and performance features as the Ultra-Star

Aerobie Pro Ring
-Incredibly aerodynamic and can be thrown extremely far
-Rubber edges make for soft catches
-Large 13-inch diameter

Aerobie Skylighter
-Powerful LEDs light up the entire disc
-Aerodynamic design for long, accurate throws
-Cushioned edge for secure grip and soft catches
-Replaceable batteries

Nite Ize Flashflight LED Disc
-Comes in many different colors and has a color fading model
-Feels very similar to an Ultra-Star disc
-20 hour battery life

GoSports LED Disc
-Feels very similar to an Ultra-Star disc
-No grooves on the rim makes for a smooth catching experience
-Very easy to change the batteries

-Can fit in your pocket and is extremely portable
-Floats on water
-Is thrown with a unique sidearm motion

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