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Advanced Ultimate Frisbee Throws: Inside Out Forehand + Wind

Learn to throw an IO in the wind in this ultimate frisbee tutorial

How to throw an inside out forehand (IO) in ultimate frisbee. Includes detailed wind examples. An IO is an advanced frisbee throw that is used to bend around objects and to counter the wind. If this video helped you SHARE it so others can be helped as well.

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An IO uses a different angle of the disc. Before we kept the disc flat and threw on a flat plane. Now we tilt the front-end up and throw on a curved plane. Just like before we don’t just flick. We push and flick together.

The IO uses the same concept as before of getting to extension and then completing the follow through not just turning your hand over.

Bends can not be aimed directly at the target or they have to be adjusted so they bend into the target.

Different angles make the disc bend at different intensities. The more the disc is angled toward completely vertical the sharper the bend, the closer it is to flat the less it will bend.

Something that can be helpful when you need a big angle is to step straight up it allows you to use a bigger angle easier.

The first thing you need to do with any throw but especially in the wind is you need to decide what approach you are using. Do you want it to curve into the target or do you want it to go straight to the target. If you throw it perfectly flat in a crosswind it won't go straight like it does without wind it gets pushed. For the disc to actually go straight you have tilt the disc facing the opposite direction of the wind. The wind pushes against the angle and turns it back flat.

The reason why throwing in the wind is so hard is even if you choose the correct throw to use that is not enough. If you don’t use a big enough angle or throw it hard enough it will still get pushed badly by the wind. However if you throw it too hard it will behave like a normal IO and miss right. In order for it to go straight you have to choose the correct angle and velocity. To throw a bend in the wind everything stays the same except you need to overthrow the wind to make it curve. You need to use a big angle and throw it hard so that it overpowers the wind. If at any time the disc is traveling slower than the wind it will cut back the other direction. It’s really important to understand what approach you are using do you want it to go straight or do you want it to bend because that answer changes where you aim and how hard you throw it. The stronger the wind the harder you need to throw it.