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Outside In Forehand Tutorial

How to Bend a Frisbee

Ultimate frisbee tutorial over how to throw an outside in forehand (OI). An OI is an advanced frisbee throw that bends from right to left if you're right handed. If this video helped you SHARE it so others can be helped as well.

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Bends CAN NOT be aimed directly at the target they have to be aimed to the left or right of it depending on which way it is bending. The mechanics are almost identical to the previous progression of the flat forehand. We use the same footwork, the same grip, the same flick, the same extension, the same follow through, and the same body control. There are only 3 things that change, the aiming point, the plane, and the angle of the disc. That's it.

It’s a really hard tight snap. We aren’t just turning our hands over. Flick it and then follow through don’t pull it. One of the most common mistakes of the outside in forehand is throwing too far vertical. You don’t need that much of an angle for it to bend, especially when you throw far. If you still have questions or if this video helped you learn the forehand OI for the first time definitely let me know in the comment section below.