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Forehand Grip Tutorial

How to flick a frisbee

The best ultimate frisbee forehand grip tutorial ever made. It's extremely detailed and shows how to throw a forehand (flick). I show examples of what it looks like when it is correct and what it looks when it's incorrect.

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There are 2 styles of grips. The first is when you have both fingers together on the disc and the second is when your fingers are split apart. To throw using the double down style what you want to do is make a V with your fingers and push them together. Your fingers should be completely extended and locked out. To throw split you’re going to make an L with your fingers and again completely extend them and lock them out. If you don’t extend all the way it will slip because there will be space between your fingers.

One of the secrets to getting a good grip is you don’t just push down into the rim but your knuckles need to also turn in towards the disc. You’ll notice that my elbow as a result of turning my knuckles in will come up and kinda level out. Secret number 2 is that in order for it to not slip you need to take up all the space in the pocket of your hand. Even a tiny amount of space will not make it work right. Many times it just needs a tiny adjustment. Secret 3 is your fingers need to stay in the same position throughout the entire throw. You’ll see in the examples of when I do it correct my fingers don’t move an inch and when it’s slipping my fingers move slightly.

If you’re just starting out I recommend trying both styles of grips and seeing which one you do better with. Your hand may naturally take up the space better using one style and you’ll find that you’re much more accurate. If you still have questions or if this video helped you learn how to get a correct grip for the first time definitely let me know in the comment section below.