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How to Throw a Forehand

Ultimate Frisbee Tutorial

Extremely detailed ultimate frisbee forehand tutorial. It shows how to throw a forehand (flick) with lots of examples of what it looks like when it is correct and what it looks like when you pull it.

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The first step of getting a forehand has nothing to do with actually throwing a disc. It has to do with figuring out where your target actually is and where you need to aim in order for it to get it there. The only method where you can aim exactly at the end point is when you throw flat. When you throw flat you will always release the disc at the same height of the target. So if the target is at your target’s chest you have to throw at the height of their chest not your chest theirs, if the target is higher you have to release the disc at a higher point. Flat throws stay at the same height for the whole throw because they go straight to your target. This means that if you release it not at your target’s height you will miss every single time no matter how perfect your form is.

So when you throw a forehand you don’t just flick. You need to push AND flick together. You can make it go flat just by flicking, but if you don’t push you won’t be able to throw it very far. However, if you only push it will be wobbly and not fly correctly because it doesn’t have the proper spin. You need to do both together for it to work right. If you throw split you do the same thing you have to push and flick together.

You continue your motion all the way through without pulling the disc with your fingers or your body. Your belly button should always be facing your target. You must push out towards your target you don't turn.

A huge part of not pulling comes from your footwork. Your footwork pushes your weight to the right side of your body and makes it much more difficult to turn your body left. Your arm is what clears forward. Your body shouldn’t turn. The better you are at distributing your weight the harder it will be to turn left.