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Intro To Ultimate Frisbee Hammer: Throw Selection

Why all throws are not equal

How to throw an ultimate frisbee hammer in a game responsibly. Tutorial explains why all throws are not equal and other advanced handler concepts. The reason why so many people dislike the hammer throw is because it gets misused all the time and easily creates turnovers if not used properly. The hammer is not an efficient throw and because of that your target needs a lot of separation in order for the pass to be complete and even then because hammers are hard to catch they can still be dropped even if you throw it perfectly. As a thrower it is our job to put our teammates in the position that gives them the best chance of catching it. Other approaches do a better job of this most of the time and should be considered instead.

Most Efficient to Least Efficient
Flat -- Rise/Drop -- Bend Right-Side Up -- Bend Upside Down Throw selection is understanding that a less efficient method should never be used over a more efficient one because you are just increasing your chance of a turnover. Unless there is a specific reason for needing a specific approach this rule applies.

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