Ultimate101 is a guide to learning ultimate frisbee

Rulebook Quiz Part 1 (USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules)

  1. What is ultimate?

  2. What is the object of the game?

  3. A goal is scored when...

  4. True or False: A player may run while holding the disc.

  5. How is the disc advanced?

  6. True or False: The disc may be passed in any direction.

  7. A turnover occurs when...

  8. What is spirit of the game?

  9. What is the Captain’s Clause?

  10. True or False: The event organizer may modify rules relating to game logistics in order to suit the event.

  11. True or False: Rules that apply to specific situations override rules for general cases.

  12. Who has best perspective?

  13. A ____________ results in the team in possession of the disc retaining possession.

  14. A __________ is a player whose team is not in possession of the disc.

  15. True or False: A foul is non-incidental contact.

  16. ____________ is when a defensive player is reacting to an offensive player.

  17. True or False: You need 2 feet in bounds and must completely stop the rotation of the disc in order for it to be a catch.

  18. __________ is the defensive player within three meters of the thrower's pivot or of the thrower if no pivot has been established

  19. A __________ is the throw from one team to the other that starts play at the beginning of a half or after a goal.

  20. A __________ is the particular part of the body in continuous contact with a single spot on the field during a thrower's possession once the thrower has come to a stop or has attempted a throw or fake.