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Rulebook Quiz Part 6 (USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules)

  1. If a marking violation is called does play stop?

  2. Can more than one marking violations be called during the same possession?

  3. True or False: A marking violation must be corrected before the stall count resumes or it is another instance of the marking violation.

  4. True or False: Purposeful bobbling to oneself in order to advance the disc is allowed.

  5. True or False: After catching a pass, a player is required to come to a stop as quickly as possible and establish a pivot.

  6. If a player catches the disc while running or jumping the player may release a pass without attempting to stop and without setting a pivot provided that...

  7. If offensive and defensive players catch the disc simultaneously, who retains possession?

  8. If it is unclear whether a catch was made before the disc contacted the ground, or whether a player's first point of ground contact after catching the disc was in or out-of-bounds or in or out of the end zone who makes the call?

  9. True or False: A player called for an infraction may contest that call if that player believes the infraction did not occur.

  10. Which is NOT true about the continuation rule?

  11. You throw the disc and it was completed. However, an infraction occurred before you threw it. How does play commence?

  12. You throw the disc and it was incomplete. However, an infraction occurred before you threw it. How does play commence?

  13. True or False: If the infraction does not affect the play, play stops and the result of the play stands (the team that committed the infraction has possession )

  14. True or False: After a foul call players are free to move around.

  15. A dispute arises concerning an infraction or the outcome of a play and the teams cannot come to a resolution, what happens next?

  16. The pull is thrown and it is rolling towards you. In the process of stopping it you make the disc go forward what happens next?

  17. True or False: A foul can be called only by the fouled player.

  18. Which of these are throwing fouls?

  19. True or False: It is the responsibility of all players to avoid contact in every possible way.

  20. True or False: Incidental contact occurring during the follow-through (after the disc is released) is not a foul.