Ultimate101 is a guide to learning ultimate frisbee

Rulebook Quiz Essentials: My First A (USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules)

  1. The pull is thrown by the opposing team and lands in the end zone. You go to pick it up where is the correct spot to take it at?

  2. In a standard game, at what count would a stall be called?

  3. How many players does a team field?

  4. What is spirit of the game?

  5. True or False: You need 2 feet in bounds and must completely stop the rotation of the disc in order for it to be a catch.

  6. What is a hard cap?

  7. If your opponent catches the disc, but does not come to an immediate stop you would call what foul?

  8. True or False: Metallic baseball cleats and track spikes can be worn in competition.

  9. A player on your team goes down with an injury according to the rules who is allowed to call the injury timeout?

  10. How do you win the game?