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Rulebook Quiz Essentials 2 (USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules)

  1. What is a marker?

  2. True or False: If an offensive player picks up the disc, that player must put it into play.

  3. If the marker skips a number in the stall count what is called?

  4. Player substitutions can be completed when?

  5. A player is within 1 disc diameter from your pivot what do you call?

  6. A defensive player other than the marker is within 10 ft. of your pivot and is also not within 10 ft. of guarding another player what do you call?

  7. What is Best Perspective?

  8. True or False: The disc may be passed in any direction.

  9. True or False: A player is allowed to run while holding the disc.

  10. The thrower lifts their pivot foot off the ground what do you call?