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Rulebook Quiz Part 3 (USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules)

  1. True or False: Each team has exactly one team time-out in overtime, regardless of whether any time-outs remain from regulation.

  2. How long does a team time-out last?

  3. After the pull hits the ground who can call a team time-out?

  4. True or False: Players can be subbed out if a team time-out is called.

  5. The player who had possession of the disc when the team time-out was called restarts play with a ______ at the pivot spot.

  6. True or False: If the disc is live and the thrower attempts to call a time-out when they have no time-outs remaining, it is a turnover.

  7. A player on your team goes down with an injury according to the rules who is allowed to call the injury timeout?

  8. ___________ may be called for illegal equipment, a dangerous condition, or a broken disc.

  9. Player substitutions can be completed when?

  10. At the start of the game representatives of the two teams fairly determine whether they want to...

  11. True or False: You stay on the same side you were on at the start of the game coming out of halftime.

  12. Play starts at the beginning of each half and after each goal with a...

  13. The pull may be made only after the puller and a player on the receiving team both ____________to signal their team's readiness to begin play.

  14. Which is NOT true about pulls

  15. If the pull hits the ground or an out-of-bounds area untouched which is NOT true

  16. If your opponent catches the disc, but does not come to an immediate stop you would call what foul?

  17. When restarting play if the thrower attempts a pass before the marker checks the disc, the pass (whether complete or incomplete)

  18. True or False: An offensive self-check occurs when play is to restart with a check, but no defensive player is near enough to touch the disc.

  19. If you catch a disc and your first foot comes down on the line are you in or out-of-bounds?

  20. Can a thrower contact an out-of-bounds area to make a throw?