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Rulebook Quiz Part 4 (USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules)

  1. True or False: Players can go out-of-bounds to make a play on the disc.

  2. A player's first point of contact is in the end zone, but the disc is not across the goal line is this a score?

  3. A player stops the rotation of the disc but does not maintain possession throughout all ground contact is this a catch?

  4. True or False: If a player in possession of the disc loses possession in the end zone because of an uncontested foul that player is awarded a goal.

  5. If a player catches a pass outside of the end zone but their forward momentum causes them to contact the end zone what action follows?

  6. If a player scores, but then unknowingly throws another pass and it is dropped what is the outcome? (No disagreement)

  7. If a player scores, but then unknowingly throws another pass and it is dropped what is the outcome? (Best Perspective claims it was not a score to begin with)

  8. True or False: Throwers can hand the disc to other players?

  9. True or False: It is a turnover if the thrower catches their own disc without anyone else touching it

  10. The disc is thrown too high and you throw your hat at it and hit it to block it. What happens next?

  11. True or False: If an offensive player picks up the disc, that player MUST put it into play

  12. If the disc comes to rest on the playing field proper, after ________ seconds, a defensive player within three meters of the disc may announce ______ and then initiate and continue the stall count, assuming they have verbally given the pre-stall.

  13. If the disc comes to rest other than on the playing field proper (out-of-bounds or in end zone), a member of the offensive team has how long before the disc must be put back into play before the defense can start the stall count?

  14. The opposing team throws the disc extremely far out-of-bounds (not a pull) you are the thrower, what should you do?

  15. If an offensive player unnecessarily delays putting the disc into play (this includes standing over the disc) A defensive player may issue a ____________ warning. The offense has _____ seconds to react to put it into play or else the defense can announce _______ and start the stall count.

  16. For a live disc to be put into play, the thrower must establish a __________ at the appropriate spot on the field, ______ the disc to the ground, and put it into play.

  17. The __________ consists of announcing "stalling" and counting from one to ten loudly enough for the thrower to hear.

  18. True or False: As long as you have the word stall before all of your numbers you can not be called for a fast count.

  19. True or False: Only the marker can initaite or continue a stall count

  20. You are the mark and start to say the word ten, but the thrower throws it before you finish the word is this a turnover?